Integrated Cinema Information
and Ticketing System

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The Integrated Cinema Information and Ticketing System is designed and developed by our in house software developer based on the result of a comprehensive studies of cinema operators’ requirement, hence provides a very user friendly interface customized to suit the daily operation of their front end staffs and offers varieties of customized valuable tools for the backend management of the system and their business operations.

The design concept of the system is modular so as to enable cinema operator to implement the modules that are required for their current operational needs and be able to add on other modules for their future requirement with no or minimum interruption to the existing operation.

Furthermore the system can be fully customized to suit the cinema operators’ operation and business processes. The main modules offered are System Management Module, Ticketing Module, Cinema Information Module, Loyalty Program Module, and Sales Module. Each modules offers feature rich functionalities that provides a valuable tools for the enhancement of their day to day operation thus increase efficiency.

The system is also integrated to the company’s website and SMS application system so as to enable all the movie information such as synopsis and schedules shared the same database and any update on the system the same will be updated in the website and SMS application system.

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