Examinations Registration For STPUB NOV 2020

Terms & Conditions

The service is provided by the KHEU through the department of Examinations and managed by its department of Information and Communications Technology with the collaboration of the following :

  • Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST) as the mobile service provider
  • Profresif Cellular Sdn Bhd as the mobile service provider
  • Mach Telecommunications Systems Sdn Bhd(Machtel) as the technical facilitator in providing the development, integration of the SMS Result application to the mobile service providers and provisioning of the service.

The service is offered to the students parents and relatives (later referred as subscriber) and is bound to the terms and conditions as stated below:
  • The service is offered to DST and Progresif subscribers
  • Subscriber is required to register to user service
  • Registration can be done online at http://www.moe.edu.bn (or) through SMS services
  • Successful registration will be notified via SMS to the subscriber at no cost
  • Subscriber is responsible for the entry of the correct information during the registration and Ministry of Education and its associates shall not be liable for any wrong information entered however steps will be taken to avoid the wrong entry of data at the best possible
  • Every SMS result sent to the subscriber is chargeable at the rate of B$3.00 per SMS result sent for KHEU
  • KHEU and its associates shall not be responsible for any delay or unsuccessful delivery of SMS result due to any of the following :
    • Mobile phone being switched off
    • Network failure
    • Network congestion
    • Natural catastrophe
  • The pre-paid mobile subscriber is responsible to ensure that he/she has sufficient credit to receive the SMS result; insufficient credit will lead to the SMS result not being able to sent to the subscriber
  • The SMS result is the property of KHEU thus the SMS result forwarding
  • The KHEU and its associates shall provide their best effort to ensure the integrity of the SMS result and shall not be liable for any un-authorized dissemination of the examination result as result of SMS forwarding or any other method beyond the KHEU control

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