SMS Applications

Enterprise SMS Solutions

Taking the ride on the wave of the popularity of the mobile messaging services in particular SMS business, government and various institution have take the advantage to use this service to communicate with their customer in order to provide a value added services or simply to promote their services. MachTel is privileged to be chosen by few of these institutions in providing them the solutions and develop customized SMS applications to suits their individual requirement.

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Some of the SMS applications that

have been developed for our customers:

SMS Banking SMS
Customer Relation Management
SMS Loyalty
SMS Marketing
SMS Examination Result
SMS Radio Interactive
SMS Quiz
SMS Pool

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SMS Gateway

Do you have the SMS application but not the means to send the SMS messages to your customer efficiently and reliably?

MachTel’s SMS Gateway facilitates communication between your application and local mobile carriers. It is designed to effortlessly accomplish this goal with a single interface and one-time integration. We provide powerful web tools and plug-and-play scripts eliminating the need for coding to send and receive messages for your campaign. Your content portal or application can be up and tested within minutes on the platform.

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SMS Gateway