Machtel's CRM Application

Mobile marketing has been shown to be an extremely effective marketing medium, and MachTel is proud to offer our in house developed and improved Integrated SMS Text Marketing Software, called SMS CRM©. Using SMS CRM©, you can join the mobile marketing revolution, using this new and exciting channel to communicate with your customers, while increasing brand awareness and revenues.

Besides giving you the tool we are also offering you our services as your SMS gateway to reach your targeted customers.

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MachTel’s SMS CRM© developed to provide a tool for companies to effectively manage their marketing campaign and meet the following objectives:

Increase brand awareness and sales
Generate a customer profile opt-in database
Drive up attendance to events or visits to a store
Improve customer loyalty
Increase revenues


SMS CRM© Features and Functionalities

Our SMS CRM© is develop to meet the dynamic requirement of a company to market their product and effectively manage their customer’s relation.

It is modular so as to enable company to start with basic functionality meeting their current requirement and be able to extend to meet their future requirement. Apart from being modular our SMS CRM© solution can also be customized to meet your actual requirement and business needs.

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