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Our normal SMS services is provided for our customers who need to PUSH alert, reminder or promotional messages on an ad hoc basis to their own customer based mobile numbers. The premium services are provided to our customers who need to PUSH alert, reminder or promotional messages to their customer based mobile numbers on a regular basis.

The PUSH SMS service can be done automatically, schedule or manually. Automatic and scheduled PUSH messages usually require an integration of our developed SMS application with the customer’s third party application such as for example the Insurance Management System.

Apart from push SMS the premium services also enable our customer to provision SMS PULL services where their customer might send SMS request for the service required by sending an assigned keyword to identify the particular service required. The application which is developed by MachTel will process the request and send an appropriate response to the mobile number requesting the service.

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The mobile communications so far are the most accessible and affordable means to reach almost anyone, anywhere, anytime, and has gained popularity within a short span of time. The introduction Short Messaging Service “SMS” has further boosts the popularity of the mobile communications where not only it is used for person to person communications but also enable the creation of varieties of SMS based Value Added Services.

SMS is also considered to be a better marketing medium and delivery of information because it is more personal, more instantaneous, and has a wider audience. It is therefore not surprising that SMS has eventually become a significant business tools and play an integral part in promoting it.

MachTel provides a single-point solution for professional marketers to maximize their reach using mobile regardless of how complex the idea is. We provide both great flexibility and ease of use to develop almost any type of marketing campaign using SMS.

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