Technology Solutions

Of Infrastructure and PC Leasing
1. PC Leasing and Maintenance

Our PC leasing services packed with monthly preventive and corrective maintenance provide our customer an option to purchasing thus eliminating the need to spend a huge investment at one time, plus the peace of mind knowing that all the PC will be keep in a top up condition at all time and that any fault will be rectify at the earliest time possible.

2. System Provider/Integrator

Partnering with our equipment vendor and solution provider, we offer our customer supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of telecommunications, IT and Broadcasting System and equipment. We provide industry standard solutions couple with a reliable and comprehensive technical support at a quality exceeding our customer’s expectation.

3. Web Design and Development

We offer our customer our web design and development services to help promote their company and services. Depending on the business nature of our customer’s company and their requirement the design can be as simple as a static webpage or as complex as a dynamic webpage offering interaction with the visitor.

Most of our design employs Content Management System, thus enabling our customer to maintain the website on their own with a minimum training required. Else, we offer our customer who might have not enough resources to maintain the website our website maintenance services at the affordable price.

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